25 Cute Modest Summer Tops Under $50

I think the term “modest” means something different to everyone. The definition has changed a lot over time, and depending on how you were raised, it probably means something different to you than it does to me. When I think about “dressing modestly”, I ask myself would I wear this in front of my conservative grandfather? Or if it’s something for work, would I feel comfortable in this at church? If the answer is no, I’d probably be uncomfortable in it anyway. We grew up with the saying “Raise your hands and touch your toes. If anything shows, change your clothes!”

I prefer to dress more modest just because it makes me feel more comfortable. I feel better when I’m more covered, and it’s something my mom taught us growing up so it’s typically there in the back of my mind when I’m looking at clothes. To me, modesty is a higher neckline, a looser full-length fit and more coverage in the back than not. I think of this as more of a “modern modest”. The great thing about fashion is everyone can have their own mix of style and there’s nothing wrong with any of it!

I am always seeing things when I’m shopping for summer clothes that I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing, despite how trendy and cute they are. And I’m sure there are others out there like me that prefer to be more covered than not. So I’ve rounded up a few picks for you guys that have higher necklines and small details that are cute but not too revealing, all under $50! You can still be cute and trendy while being modest.

You can also make things more modest yourself pretty easily. Wear a cami or a bandeau top underneath something that’s too low cut in the front or under the arms.



Just bought this myself and can’t WAIT to get it!!

Slightly above $50 so I didn’t include it in the 25


Red Bell Sleeve Top

Slate Blue Tank

Chambray Tank

Blue Lace Top

Grey and White Striped Tank

Ruffle Sleeve Tee

Pink Keyhole Tank 

Peachy Sweater

Blue Tie Front


Grey Cold Shoulder Tee

Black Cold Shoulder Top

Floral Wrap Top

Striped Tank


Lace Flutter Sleeve Top


Floral Keyhole Top


Long Back Knot Top



I think off-the-shoulder tops could go either way, since they can look a bit sexy but they also cover as well so I’m putting them in their own place:

White Bell Sleeve

Pink Striped OTS

(this one pushes it a bit but it’s cute)

Gingham Tie Front

White Crochet OTS

Blush Embroidered Top

Tie Sleeve OTS

Blush Floral OTS

White Lace OTS

Pink OTS top

What is your favorite Summer style??



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