Wedding Dress Shopping – I said “YES!” to the Dress!

January 8, 2018
I’m getting married!!! It’s so fun to say ūüėć and still a bit surreal.
*Note: obviously, none of these are my actual wedding’ll see it in October 2018!! It also isn’t every single one I tried on because some of them were just a big NO.
If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you understand how crazy it is and that there’s more involved than you could have imagined. If you haven’t yet, I advise actually creating a massive Pinterest board dedicated to the things you think that you’ll want because it will help so much later, I promise!
I’ve been thinking of ideas for my wedding since I was about 16. Of course, I’ve changed my mind about things a million times before I actually got engaged. Even SINCE I got engaged some things have changed. I never imagined I’d be getting married in KC, so that was a surprise.
Thankfully, I already have my dress and my venue figured out, which were the biggest things I was concerned with. My next big step will be to find my photographer and DJ, as you need to set them up well in advance. I also want to take our engagement photos in the next 2 months so that I can use them for our save the dates. If you have any recommendations for local KC vendors, please let me know!
I thought I’d share my experience shopping for wedding dresses, because it’s so much fun to try them on and walk around feeling like a princess! When I found my dress, I was so lucky to be able to have my mom, sister, and all but one of my bridesmaids there with me. Everyone cried¬†when I came out in my dress, which was a dead¬†giveaway for “this is it!”.
Starting off, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I will tell you the dress I got was not what I expected at all, but I think that made it all the more fun. I love it and feel stunning in it.
I got my dress from David’s Bridal, and the way they do things is they let you go around and pick out what you think you want. I went around and picked 6 dresses I thought were what I’d like. Once you’ve tried a few on, the stylist gets an idea of your style and she will also bring things that she thinks would look good on you. The dress I ended up getting was the last one I tried on and she picked it for me! These people are great at their job.

I also apologize for how awkward I think I look in these pictures, I had no idea what to do with my arms lol!
I love lace, and even though I wanted a dress with sleeves, I didn’t like any of the ones I saw. Strapless somehow became a theme for the day. I love the train of this dress and the design of the lace. It was beautiful. I’m a fan of belts because they break up the waist a bit and accentuate it. The rushing detail on the side was a cute detail, but in the end, this dress just didn’t have the wow factor I was looking for.¬†


This dress was a step up in the wow factor for sure. A bigger train and more lace tulle detail. Everything on this dress was embroidered in the tulle, which was gorgeous. I love the combination of the two together. The sweetheart neckline was a win, I ended up really liking that. I did love this, but it also just didn’t feel like MY dress. It was a very close contender, though.¬†
I was not a fan of this dress. I believe my mom picked it out because I liked the embroidered designs. It had a very long train that’s hard to see, but this was one of the ones I just wanted to get out of because it was a hard no.
Even though you can’t see my face in this picture, I’m looking into the mirror with a questionable look on my face. This dress is very similar to the first one, just without a big train. It was very pretty lace, but it was also too plain for me. I wanted a bit more glitz and glam for my big day.
This wasn’t at David’s Bridal, but instead was at a local boutique here in KC called Altar Bridal. You see what they did there? I loved the illusion lace on this dress, and the fit was pretty great. But problem number one was it was $1500 over what I wanted to spend, and I also didn’t want something so fitted. I’d be uncomfortable wearing this all day. It is gorgeous, though.¬†
The whole gang! 

My beautiful momma and sister. Can you tell they’re related? I fit in there somewhere haha.


My best and oldest friends ūüíú


My bridal party, minus Chelsea
I am beyond thankful to have all of these beautiful ladies stand up with me. 
From left to right: 
Courtney – Maid of Honor
Julie – Matron on Honor
Me – Bride!
Carolina – Bridesmaid
Toby – Bridesmaid
Chelsea (not pictured) – Bridesmaid
Shopping for your wedding dress will probably feel exhausting. It’s a process to get into and out of each one, and I was super tired by the end of the day. But hopefully you’re lucky enough to have your bridal party there with you because they make it so enjoyable!!¬†
Let me know which dress was your favorite!


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