40 Cute Summer Sundresses Under $100

May 11, 2018

Summer Sundresses are probably my favorite staple piece of clothing in the warm months. I don’t really like to wear shorts, so dresses give me a way to stay cooler but also still look nice. Especially at work! Of course I stick to the Midi and Maxi dresses for work, but for the weekends I’ve included a few above-the-knee ones.

I love the simplicity of dresses because I have to put so little thought into my outfit. There are typically shoes I have in mind for every dress I have, and I may throw on some accessories but that’s it! They’re so easy and look great. Maybe I need to add that to my 10 Easy Ways to Always Look Put Together Post haha!

I’ve compiled a variety of styles of Sundresses from Lulu’s to share with you guys so you can have a nice breezy summer with me 🙂


(comes in 6 colors!)

(also comes in orange)

(comes in 3 colors!)

(also comes in blue)

(comes in 4 colors!)

(comes in 9 colors!!)

(comes in 2 colors)

(also comes in a striped pattern)

(comes in 5 colors!)


(also comes in a floral pattern)

Update: This one is no longer on sale so it’s now $59. Sorry!


(also comes in yellow)

Are you a huge fan of Sundresses as well? I’d live in them if I could!




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